BlackBerry Bold 9700 – Hands-on Photos

As you’ll know if you saw the post from Simon the other day, the new BlackBerry (NSDQ: RIMM) (9700) is now official. Our friends over at have gone wild on the BlackBerry Bold 9700, with seemingly an avalanche of pictures for your general edutainment! These are not product shots, but really good quality ‘user-generated’ (well they generated them at least) images – certainly worth a look if you are considering a purchase!

You can check out all the images by clicking here.

We’ve been manhandling the BlackBerry Bold 9700 all morning. Check out its cutesy new curves and reassuring heft in our first hands-on photos.

The new BlackBerry Bold 9700 isn’t a reinvention of the original BlackBerry Bold, after all, BlackBerry’s continuing to sell the original Bold 9000, but rather a refinement of its key features.

It’s still as solid as the original, but BlackBerry’s trimmed some of its bulk. The metal casing has been replaced by plastic, and a few millimetres have been shaved from its shell.

Around the back, RIM has trimmed back the leather-look coating to cover just the battery panel. It still feels great in the hand, but not quite so beefy.

Sony Ericsson Aino now Remote Playing with European PS3s

We know Sony Ericsson’s PS3-lovin’ Aino would be hitting European shelves at some point during the month, and now Sony itself has stepped forward to confirm that the handset is on sale. …We’re hearing that it’s selling for £399.99 ($639) sans a contract, and just in case you’re wondering why you and your PlayStation 3 should care, the Aino is capable of turning your console on and off, browsing the XMB user interface, accessing DRM-free content on the HDD, shopping for items in the PS3 Store and watching live TV via PlayTV. Hit up the read link for all the nitty-gritty, and be sure to hit your British friend up if you’re stuck yearning here in the States

Original BlackBerry Storm to get flick scrolling, better browsing through firmware update

Despite Verizon’s best efforts to ignore the obvious, RIM’s BlackBerry Storm2 is not only official, it’s (un)officially destined for Big Red’s airwaves. If you’re one of those slightly disgruntled Storm 9530 owners,… however, you could be looking at a rather nice firmware update coming your way in the near future. According to phoneArena, the Storm and Storm2 will eventually be “practically identical” in terms of software, with a forthcoming update to add flick scrolling, tabbed browsing and threaded texting to the original. Of course, we should probably wait for VZW to confirm the existence of the Storm2 before expecting any formal word on this, but feel free to go about your day with cautious

BlackBerry Storm2

The original BlackBerry Storm, though a massive departure from RIM’s usual buttoned-up candybar smartphones, left many unhappy with the clicking touchscreen called SurePress. Well, after a lengthy batch of leaks, the BlackBerry (NSDQ: RIMM) (NSDQ: RIMM) Storm2 9550 (known as Odin, once upon a time) is on its way to Verizon (NYSE: VZ) (NYSE: VZ), and presumably 02 and Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) (NYSE: VOD) across the pond. From what we’ve seen, the new and improved SurePress is based on a series of four sensors beneath the screen, as opposed to the single central pivot point on the original 9500. Being able to hit multiple keys on the virtual keyboard promises to improve typing speeds, and the inclusion of Wi-Fi is something that has been missing for a long time. Throw in a few stylistic changes, like rubberized buttons, and a new chrome trim, and you’ve got yourself an exciting sequel to a device that had previously failed to impress. So, does the Storm2 deliver? Hit the jump to find out for yourself…

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) and RIM have officially announced the BlackBerry Storm2. It’ll be available for general consumption on Wednesday, October 28th for $179.99 on a 2-year contract (after mail-in rebate). We suspected this… but now, we have the official word.

Finally, an official Verizon word on the matter Mark October 28th on your calendar. And, if you’re all pumped for the Storm2, be sure to hit up our extensive BlackBerry Storm2 Review.

BlackBerry 9700 Bold Device Simulator Available for Download

Developer tools are making the rounds for BlackBerry (NSDQ: RIMM) OS 5.0, to work with things like Google Gears and widgets, but something that might be a little more interesting for end users is the new BlackBerry …Bold 9700 device simulator. Since review units aren’t getting out yet, and there’s only a smattering of hands-on pictures/video, this is your best bet for getting a feel for the device right now.The new Bold is coming out on many North American carriers (Telus (NYSE: TU), Bell, Rogers (NYSE: RCI), AT&T (NYSE: T), T-Mobile (NYSE: DT)) and will be one of RIM’s top-of-the-line handset – 3.2 megapixel camera, optical touchpad, 256 MB of application memory, and slimmer dimensions will all set it apart from the original BlackBerry Bold 9000. To give the 9700 a spin, go ahead and download the simulator.

BlackBerry 9700 goes official – eXpansys confirm availability on 9th November!

As you’ll know if you saw the post from Simon the other day, the new BlackBerry (NSDQ: RIMM) Bold (9700) is now official, and soon to be coming to a retail emporium near you – in the UK…, eXpansys have broken from the pack to announce that they’ll have it on 9th November. It will be selling for £419.99.

If you want to check it out, click here.

Themes Coming to BlackBerry App World November 9?

So far, the BlackBerry (NSDQ: RIMM) App World has been a destination solely for software, but word has it on November 9, conveniently the first day of the BlackBerry Developer Conference, …the on-device portal will expand to include theme sales. This is a great move, and will immediately differentiate the App World from the stores on other platforms, though the approval process will be something of a sticking point for developers who are used to simply hosting the theme files and letting users have at it. Considering how much trouble unstable themes can be for your BlackBerry, though, I wouldn’t mind the extra layer of quality control. What I am worried about is BPlay simply steamrolling all other theme developers on App World thanks to their tight relationship with RIM. I guess we’ll see what the selection is like at the BBDC.

Emblaze Mobile’s Linux-based mobile OS

It was long time ago when we reported that ACCESS (the owner of the original Palm (NSDQ: PALM) OS which it re-christened to Garnet OS) is working with Emblaze and Sharp to create “revolutionary mobile device….” It seems they finally managed to bring their project close to the end, and voila – a press release has been issued, announcing the new mobile OS called ELSE INTUITION. It’s all about user interface these days and these folks know that. Hence the mentioned release adds the good ol’ “revolutionary” adjective before the phrase.

Unfortunately, we don’t have screenshots to prove the claim, but a single image above shows some merit. Still, until we test this for ourselves, we’ll keep a dose of skepticism, as we’ve heard similar claims in the past.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out this isn’t ACCESS’ first mobile Linux project. Their earlier efforts proved as a total failure as they struggled to convince anyone to jump on board. This time, however, they seem to have a better product. The only problem is the over-crowded mobile Linux market, which seems unready for another player. We’ll see…

Hallofun: Cellufun unveils its Halloween mobile game

Just in time for Halloween, Cellfun unveiled Hallofu, a series of games that allows users to “celebrate Halloween with their friends on their mobile phones.” Cellufun’s users can decorate their homepages, dress up their avatars in costumes, knock on their friends’ doors and go trick-or-treating, pick pumpkins, and carve killer jack-o-lanterns. There’s also a Haunted Hay Ride, a Haunted House Maze, bonfire building, and a costume contest in which users can vote for the coolest costumes in Cellufun.

Hallofun’s virtual costumes are available for free and for purchase (from $2-$4) and include Betty Boop, a French Maid, a Chef, an Astronaut, a Ninja, and dozens of others. Cellufun is also offering a limited edition Halloween Mobile Pet Bat and two Halloween Pet Dragons and is re-launching their Captives of Witch Hill adventure game with new graphics and story elements. Hallofun is available in 10 languages and you can try it on your mobile browser to and take it from there.

iPhone 3GS costume is expensive, bulky

What could possibly convince you that strapping a 42-inch LCD TV to your body is a great idea? We don’t know, but somewhere between concept and the $2,000 total expenditures — with “no regrets,…” mind you — Reko Rivera and John Savio, with the help of John Matthews, outfitted themselves with the displays used to project images from their iPhone 3GS. Unfortunately, the large screens themselves aren’t touch screens, but we probably can’t be that picky. Their reward? First prizes at costume parties and minor internet celebrity, which we’re happy to oblige. Video after the break.

Cellogic FlyScreen, lock-screen replacement


Cellogic, going all official with the announcement. The application is a must-have for any effective Android smartphone owner. The idea is to allow users to access popular web services from the idle screen, hence reducing the number of taps required to access content. This is done through widgets, which can be used for checking Facebook and Twitter activities, as well as keeping up with the latest news via RSS.

Kinetic scrolling is supported, making the overall experience enjoyable, and there’s also the in-app widget gallery, allowing users to pick widgets they want on their phones…..

The best part is the price – FlyScreen is available as a free download and you can grab it from the Android Market.

Going High & High Mobile Web Useage

(State Of Mobile Web)New Release from Opera Reported this morning that in Past September there was Lot Of Rush in Mobile WEb Usage….

There wereAmazing Facts about Graph.Last month, more than 35.6 million people used Opera Mini (which is now serving over 500 million pageviews per day on average on a wide range of mobile devices), up 11.5% compared to August 2009 and more than 150% compared to September 2008.Statement From Norway Developer that more than 2 petabytes of data is now processed by its servers on a monthly basis. That Should be must 2,000 terabytes

HTC Eris and Motorola Droid Nov. 6

Verizon (NYSE: VZ)’s Droid lineup will apparently be launching November 6, according to tipsters. Motorola (NYSE: MOT)’s Droid (a.k.a Sholes) and HTC’s Eris (a.k.a Desire) will be the first members to the family,… with more on the way. The Droid has a 3.7-inch 480×854 touchscreen, 5-megapixel autofocus camera, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi, 256MB RAM/512MB ROM and a microSDHC slot supporting up to 16GB memory cards. The only thing we really know about the Eris is that it’s packing HTC’s Sense user interface – we’re definitely looking forward to hearing more about the specs. If you haven’t seen Verizon’s teaser campaign making tongue-in-cheek comparisons between Android and iPhoneoperating systems, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Sony Ericsson Selling Satio Unlocked

The Sony Ericsson (NYSE: SNE) Satio was announced back in May and has since made the rounds on Vodafone UK. Some folks might be waiting for it to come to AT&T, …but for others who are a little more eager, Sony Style stores are now selling the handset for $600 unlocked. The 12 megapixel camera is the Satio’s biggest selling point, but it’s also running S60, packing a 640×360 touchscreen, and a TV-out jack. Keep an eye on Sony Style’sonline smartphone section for the Satio; device specifics can be found here, but be sure to check out our video at the MWC unveiling if you want a closer look

Nokia Surge Arrives on Rogers

As expected, the Nokia (NYSE: NOK) Surge 6790 has arrived on Rogers (NYSE: RCI) for the rabid texters out there. An unexpected bonus is a cheaper price point than the originally anticipated:… a mere $29.99 on three-year contract. This is one of the cheapest new smartphones you’ll find out there, though the form factor might seem awkward to a lot of folks. Still, it’s packing a 2 megapixel camera, GPS, microSD memory card slot, and a 2.4″ QVGA display. It’s not in Rogers’ online store just yet, but it should be up soon.

Quick Shot: Verizon Motorola Droid in the Flesh

The Motorola (NYSE: MOT) Droid went live as Verizon (NYSE: VZ)’s first Android phone earlier this morning. Then, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) announced that their Google Maps app for Android …2.0 now supports GPS turn-by-turn directions with voice guidance. The two announcements merged, like that those really big storms in that one movie involving a fishing boat of some sort, to form one of the biggest product launches of the year. I just got a chance to put my hands all over the Motorola Droid and thought I’d let you in on my initial impressions (and from-the-hip pics). The short version: Verizon’s Motorola Droid is badass. Keep reading for the long version (and a massive hands-on photo gallery

LG GW620 Android Phone, Sort of

LG’s GW620 handset may be easy to miss among all the other current Android-based offerings, but it looks like LG is now starting to ramp things up a bit to help it get noticed,… with it recently launching (inadvertently, judging from the copy) the official site for phone complete with some fresh new images and promo videos. While there’s expectedly not much in the way of new details, LG’s ads and promo videos (check one after the break) do seem to position the phone squarely in CLIQ territory, with LG even going so far as to dream up a series of mascots (including a “Social Butterfly”) to demo the phone’s social networking capabilities. Head on past the break to see for yourself, and keep an eye on the link below for what should soon be the “official” official website.

Motorola DROID

t’s hard to look at the DROID without looking at the company which brought the device to life. Motorola: for years the name has been synonymous with… well, disappointment…. While the industry-stalwart made cellphones sexy with the RAZR, the days which followed have not been especially fruitful or compelling. Over the past year or so, we’ve seen Motorola beating its way back into the mainstream through a series of smart plays: first embracing Android as a platform, then shucking off the weight of Windows Mobile and finally bringing some desirable (and high profile) devices to market.

With the DROID, the company has perhaps created its most attractive and intriguing piece of technology yet. Forging an alliance with both Verizon and Google, Motorola has come up with a second compelling reason to count the phonemaker down, but certainly not out, while the other two giants have finally found a seemingly worthy device to position against the iPhone. So we must pose these questions: is this the phone which will catapult Android into the mainstream? Is it the device that will pull Motorola back from the brink? And — most importantly — is it the lynchpin Google and Verizon have needed to challenge the leader in mindshare in the smartphone market? After putting the device through its paces, we think we can give you the answers you seek — so read on to find out!

A First Look at Touchscreen Interface of Windows XP Phone

The independent earphone CRT screen (imaged at a lower place) has call-centric icons, addition shortcuts to day-after-day Windows apps that can be classified into icon-based checks on the left.
The port can as well switch between landscape and portrait views, and there’s a unified anticipate it all…. I’d like to see a few additional genius, though…comparable exposures of contact lens* as influent and exceeding calls in. It’s such as an conspicuous matter, so hopefully that’ll show up by the time the phone arrives. The xpPhone’s maker—China’s In Technology Group aka ITG—also says it will support direct access to the Outlook address account book for adjoin direction.

Their English language pre-order foliate remains more like an saying of interest form, because it all the same does not broadcast cost. Whenever you funny, you can decide a 3G faculty as your aircraft carrier essential absolute frequency (AT&T, Vodafone, and Orange are listed).
Capers all but acquiring a amobarbital sodium blind of decease mid-call apart, I am acquiring progressively connived close to the xpPhone. I mean, the thing weighs almost a pound, but just look at those specs below compared to say, the Nokia N900 <>. I’ll fill you in when I hear more on pricing/availability—or any plans for an actual U.S (non-import) release. [ITG <>]
• C.P.U.: AMD superintendent nomadic central processing unit
• computer memory: 512M/1G
• SSD: 8G/16G/32G/64G
• HDD: 30G/60G/80G/120G
• LCD: 4.8′ TFT Touch-screen LCD 800*480
• controlling arrangement: Microsoft windowpanes XP
• Wireless: WiFi 802.11b/g,WiMax(optional),Buletooth,Stand-alone GPS
• Camera Specifications:CMOS, 300k/1.3 Million
• Ports: 1 x earphone jack, 1 x microphone jack,Docking Connector (includes VGA output signal ), 1 x USB 2.0, SIM Slot
• Battery: Removable Lithium-ion
• Talk time: about 5 hours,Stand by time: about 5 days
• Real life: about 7 hours(Standard), about 12 hours(Large)
• Talk time: Standby time,Operation time may vary depending different usage.
• Weight: 400g (include battery)

Sony Ericsson Rachael Android due in UK on 3rd Nov?

Well, that’s what TechDigest reckons – and they are following up on evidence that the SE-Blog found on the Sony Ericsson (NYSE: SNE) site!

For those of you that had forgotten the specs:…

4?, 800 x 400 touchscreen
2G: 850/900/1800/1900 (Quad-Band)
3G: 900/2100 (Dual-Band); HSDPA (10Mbps), HSUPA (2Mbps)
8 megapixel camera with autofocus and 8 x digital zoom
LED Flash
Image Stabilization
Smile Shutter
Face Detection
VGA Video Recording
POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, MS Exchange e-mail
miniUSB, 3.5mm AV connector
Bluetooth (2.1), Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11g), AGPS
  • 4?, 800 x 400 touchscreen
  • 2G: 850/900/1800/1900 (Quad-Band)
  • 3G: 900/2100 (Dual-Band); HSDPA (10Mbps), HSUPA (2Mbps)
  • 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and 8 x digital zoom
  • LED Flash / Image Stabilization / Smile Shutter / Face Detection / VGA Video Recording
  • POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, MS Exchange e-mail
  • miniUSB, 3.5mm AV connector
  • Bluetooth (2.1), Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11g), AGPS
So I guess within a couple of days we’ll see how the rumours are – but if it’s true then we have got a real smartphone shootout on our hands over the Christmas period!!
[Story via: TechDigest/SE-Blog, Image via: eXpansys]

Fake iPhone Magical external QWERTY Beyboard

Alright, would you look at this, Apple? We know you require your employees to pay in blood for every single button or moving part that makes it onto a shipping product, but would it really kill you to work in some proper Bluetooth keyboard support for the iPhone so we could enjoy the magical freedom of external QWERTY pads if we so choose?…Take this particularly stunning KIRF, for example. Sure, you might find the iPhone-miming handset it’s paired with offensive, but is there really so much wrong with this flip-out QWERTY action? Do you enjoy our suffering? Please? iTwinge just isn’t cutting it.

Quick hands-on (iPhone/iPod Touch)

For those of you that don’t know him (and there might be a lot, since he’s a UK chef) Jamie Oliver is a celebrity chef, in the same sort of mould as the likes of Gordon Ramsay – and by that, I mean he’s an export that has filmed his TV shows in the US, and a number of other countries I’m sure!

Anyhoo, the point of this quick hands-on is to find out if his new cooking App is any good (hint/spoiler: yes)!

New Rtae Plans of Virgin Mobiles coming out with a 30-day starting from 3rd Nov!

Interested to see how Virgin is going to stack up against the others over the next few months? Read on…

In the past Virgin has always had their “Virgin Mobile Bill of Rights” and now what seems to be going to happen is effective November 3rd, the creative folks over at Virgin are bringing on a 30-day “You’ll Love Us Guarantee”. That’s correct, according to Virgin they state “We know you’ll love being with us. That’s why we back it up with our 30-day “You’ll Love Us Guarantee”. Take us for a spin, and if you haven’t fallen for us in 30 days just return your phone and pay for the airtime used. Easy as that”…..

You will be able to find out more when the site goes live on the 3rd at With this new guarantee there are some stipulations, still no biggies and the offer sounds to good to try out:

- You have 30- days to return your postpaid phone if you don’t love us!
- Return the phone for refund where it was purchased
- Only pay for the monthly plan charge, overages + activation fees
- No Cancellation fees within 30-days (& no minute counting)

In addition to that beautiful guarantee, Virgin is also coming out with some new plans. They will still have 6 different rates in the myPLAN rate plans. Gone are the odd numbers and you can say hello to the simple billing and the highest rate is now topped of at $70/month. Here they are in detail:

myPLAN $15 includes: 50 Anytime minutes

myPLAN $20 includes: 50 Anytime minutes; Unlimited Evenings & Weekends (starts at 7pm); 50 Text Messages

myPLAN $25 includes: 100 Anytime minutes; Unlimited Evenings & Weekends (starts at 7pm); Unlimited TEXT & Picture Messaging or Voicemail & Call Display

myPLAN $35 includes: 350 Anytime minutes; Unlimited Evenings & Weekends (starts at 7pm); Unlimited TEXT & Picture Messaging or Voicemail & Call Display

myPLAN $50 includes: 600 Anytime minutes; Unlimited Evenings & Weekends (starts at 7pm); Unlimited TEXT & Picture Messaging or Voicemail & Call Display

myPLAN $70 includes: 2000 Anytime minutes; Unlimited Evenings & Weekends (starts at 7pm); Unlimited TEXT & Picture Messaging or Voicemail & Call Display

We have some more pics at the bottom of some changes to the Add-ons but more hot news is that they’ll be introducing some new BlackBerry plans. This begs us to believe what we’ve been saying for the past 9 months of Virgin releasing the BlackBerry Storm (probably by the end of November). For the BB Combo Plan nothing has really changed as it will still cost $20. Where the change comes in is the BlackBerry Bundle as the Data has increased an so has the rates:

$15 will get you Unlimited Email + Unlimited IM
$25 will get you 500MB BlackBerry Usage (Personal Email + IM + Data)
$30 will get you 1GB BlackBerry Usage (Personal Email + IM + Data)
$60 will get you 3GB BlackBerry Usage (Personal Email + IM + Data)

Check out the pics below (Thanks Josh M):




Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC HD2

That’s it. Game over. After spending some quality one-on-one time with the HTC HD2 (Leo) today, we’re convinced that the HTC HD2 is the “baddest Windows Phone” of the year….. In fact, the HD2 might be strong enough to carry that title through much of next year. The powerful-yet-slim HD2 packs a 1Ghz Snapdragon chipset into a shell no thicker than your standard yellow No. 2 pencil, basically killing any hint of the lag we’re used to seeing with Windows Mobile.

What makes this new Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone so great? Well, aside from its power-packed chipset and sexy design aesthetic, the HD2 is the only Windows Phone (so far) to sport a capacitance-based touchscreen (like on the iPhone and Android smartphones) that throws out pixels at WVGA resolutions across a whopping 4.3-inches of real estate. Then, add in the fact that the HD2 features a 5-megapixel camera (with dual-LED flash), integrated GPS, WiFi, microSD slot, FM radio, digital compass and a 3.5mm headphone jack, and it’s easy to see how the HD2 dominates the competition.

HTC also baked in some of their Sense design philosophy into the HD2’s TouchFLO 3D UI, focusing on personalization/customization, intuitive finger-based interface and media consumption. That all translates into a user experience that we’d frankly never expected from a Windows Phone.

We’re expecting to see the HTC HD2 make its US debut in Q1 of 2010. As for the US price, we’re not sure. But, we’re still willing to offer a kidney in trade

Nokia N81 8GB

G radually more mobile phones with a large internal memory are being added to the assortment of various mobile phone manufacturers. Nokia have joined the club and have put several mobile phones on the market that feature a large internal memory. Devices with this kind of storage capacity are for example; Apple iPhone, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N96 and the Nokia N81 8GB. The Nokia N81 8GB truly is a multimedia device. The Nokia N81 8GB makes music, games and movies come alive. To emphasize the fact that the target group of the Nokia N81 8GB consists of multimedia enthusiasts, Nokia have applied 'dedicated multimedia keys' to the N81 8GB. Some disadvantages we notice even from looking at the specifications are: average camera, no HSDPA and the weight. As you probably know, there are two Nokia N81 models on the market; an 8GB model and a standard one with a memory card slot. We had the chance to review the Nokia N81 8GB. How well the Nokia N81 8GB did in practice can be read in our N81 multimedia phone review.

Close on the heels of the new Nokia N95 8GB model, Nokia announced the new Nokia N81 and N81 8GB models. The N81 features dedicated keys for gaming and music and offers a 3.5 mm headphone connector. Compatible with 3G networks, the phone also offers wireless LAN connectivity. Nokia is touting a new 3D multimedia menu on the N81, but I'll believe it when I see it.

The Nokia N81 lets you access the Nokia Music Store and N-Gage games services, allowing you to search, buy and manage your music and games. Expect the Nokia N81 to be priced at €360, and the 8GB model at €430. Both mobile phones will hit the markets in Q4 2007.

N-okia unveiled the N81 8GB mobile phone specifically optimized for entertainment, music and games. The new Nokia N81 8GB device offers dedicated music or gaming keys, expanded memory, large LCD screen and extended battery performance to provide quick and easy access to entertainment content.

Nokia N81 8GB - Mobile phone

"With the release of the Nokia N81 8GB mobile phone, Nokia offers its consumers a range of entertainment-enabled features for consumers who want their music, games and favourite media with them wherever they go," says Kai Oistamo, Executive Vice President, Nokia. "We believe that the full-featured, well-designed Nokia N81 8GB will be very popular and will help bring Nokia's Internet and music services to life."

Nokia N81 8GB - 3G and WLAN
With dedicated music and gaming keys, 3.5 mm headphone connector and 3G and WLAN connectivity, the Nokia N81 8GB multimedia computer is a true mobile entertainment powerhouse. With a sleek, polished surface and keys that light up when you activate them, accessing content on the 3D multimedia menu is fast and intuitive.

Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac Arriving

BlackBerry (NSDQ: RIMM) users rockin’ a Mac for their computing needs have been waiting patiently, oh ever so patiently for this. …Years and YEARS of waiting in fact. Then, when the rumors and speculation finally get to where we think it’s going to happen ‘all official’ and stuff… Nope, more waiting, and a little more frustration!

Of course, I’m talking about the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac users… and thankfully, the news here is full of awesomeness today. RIM has officially announced that the BBDM for Mac will be released this Friday, October 2nd at 1PM EDT. You’ll be able to download it for free from

Mac users, do a little dance, gimme a high five, and check out the full press release after the jump!

Blackberry Curve 8520 Coming to Singapore at End of October

While Canadians sit and wait for some sort of official release announcement for the BlackBerry Curve 8520, other countries are getting the love. Case in point today is Singapore. RIM has announced today that the 8520 Curve will be available in Singapore via M1, SingTel and StarHub at the end of October. Specific launch dates were not noted, no doubt due to slightly varying launch times for each carrier….

Key features of the BlackBerry (NSDQ: RIMM) Curve 8520:

  • Full-QWERTY keyboard and touch-sensitive trackpad
  • 256MB Flash memory and 512Mhz next generation processor
  • Voice activated dialing
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • 2 MP digital camera with zoom and video recording
  • 3.5 mm stereo headset jack
  • microSD/SDHC memory card slot, up to 16GB
  • Built-in Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g)
  • Quad-band world phone: EGDE/GPRS/GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)

Congratulations to all of the good folks in Singapore. The 8520 is coming to your shores, real soon.

Latest Macberry

To go along with the release of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac today, I thought sharing a little BlackBerry Theme love might be appropriate… That is, BlackBerry (NSDQ: RIMM) theme love with a Mac twist! The other day I noticed that Bplay had a new theme… Titled ‘MacBerry Widgets’, this one brings a little Mac OS X action to your BlackBerry. It’s available for the Pearl 81xx, Pearl Flip, Curve 83xx, Curve 8520, 88xx series, Curve 8900, Bold 9000, Storm 95xx and Tour 9630… and you can check out a demo video of the MacBerry goodness below.

If you-likey, the purchase will run you $6.99. Kind of expensive… I know

iPhone Game of the Day

If Real Soccer 2010 just isn’t cutting the mustard for you, FIFA 10 for iPhone might be your answer. In the latest edition of the soccer game from EA, you can play as one of 570 teams in 30 leagues from around the world…. 12,620 players have also been licensed for inclusion in the game, and you can try your best to take down one of 20 tournaments and cup competitions.

Game controls are actually quite easy and intuitive. You can even control the ‘tempo’ of the game with the accelerometer. Game play is viewed from 6 different camera views, each in full 3D.

Of course, there’s a cool WiFi Multiplayer Mode built-in as well that allows for head-to-head matches for you and your friends. There’s also a ‘Be a Pro’ Mode that lets you create your own star, and track play through multiple seasons. Earn skills, score goals, and advance your career!

The only downside to the FIFA 10 is the price. Unfortunately it clocks in at an expensive $9.99. However, any soccer die-hard will probably want to pick it up, especially if they own other FIFA games for other platforms or consoles.

Blackberry Powermat Wireless Chargers

Oh, Powermat wireless chargers. We thought you were vaporware — and then, like an undreamed dream — you appeared to us in the flesh (and on video!) at CES. We didn’t really hear much about it after that,…. and we’ll be honest: we had nearly forgotten all about it! Well, it turns out these bad boys are now available. If you don’t recall the details, the Powermat is a one pad, one plug system designed to charge all your gadgets in one place — refreshing! Your phone or DS or whatever you want to charge will need a Powermat Receiver sleeve, enabling it to lock onto the mat and charge in the amount of time it takes to charge up traditionally. At $99.99 (plus around $40 per receiver), it’s not the cheapest charging method we can think of, but it’s sure to be a conversation piece at your next rager. Powermat’s lineup is now available at Best Buy and Target stores.

Blackberry, iPhone and iPod Touch

Vonage has updated its mobile offering, releasing brand new apps for BlackBerry (NSDQ: RIMM), iPhone and even iPod Touch. You know how it goes with all those VoIP apps – working data connection is required,… whether it’s 3G or WiFi. I’m not sure which BlackBerry models will work, but I assume all the latest RIM’s babies will sing along. To see whether your BlackBerry device can work with Vonage, simply visit on your smartphone. The server will detect your handset and you can take it from there.

And that’s about it. In a nutshell, this is great for existing Vonage users, which could even use their existing contact list and phone number so the people you call will recognize who is calling. Here are the iTunes links for the iPhone and iPod Touch

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