Nokia N81 8GB

G radually more mobile phones with a large internal memory are being added to the assortment of various mobile phone manufacturers. Nokia have joined the club and have put several mobile phones on the market that feature a large internal memory. Devices with this kind of storage capacity are for example; Apple iPhone, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N96 and the Nokia N81 8GB. The Nokia N81 8GB truly is a multimedia device. The Nokia N81 8GB makes music, games and movies come alive. To emphasize the fact that the target group of the Nokia N81 8GB consists of multimedia enthusiasts, Nokia have applied 'dedicated multimedia keys' to the N81 8GB. Some disadvantages we notice even from looking at the specifications are: average camera, no HSDPA and the weight. As you probably know, there are two Nokia N81 models on the market; an 8GB model and a standard one with a memory card slot. We had the chance to review the Nokia N81 8GB. How well the Nokia N81 8GB did in practice can be read in our N81 multimedia phone review.

Close on the heels of the new Nokia N95 8GB model, Nokia announced the new Nokia N81 and N81 8GB models. The N81 features dedicated keys for gaming and music and offers a 3.5 mm headphone connector. Compatible with 3G networks, the phone also offers wireless LAN connectivity. Nokia is touting a new 3D multimedia menu on the N81, but I'll believe it when I see it.

The Nokia N81 lets you access the Nokia Music Store and N-Gage games services, allowing you to search, buy and manage your music and games. Expect the Nokia N81 to be priced at €360, and the 8GB model at €430. Both mobile phones will hit the markets in Q4 2007.

N-okia unveiled the N81 8GB mobile phone specifically optimized for entertainment, music and games. The new Nokia N81 8GB device offers dedicated music or gaming keys, expanded memory, large LCD screen and extended battery performance to provide quick and easy access to entertainment content.

Nokia N81 8GB - Mobile phone

"With the release of the Nokia N81 8GB mobile phone, Nokia offers its consumers a range of entertainment-enabled features for consumers who want their music, games and favourite media with them wherever they go," says Kai Oistamo, Executive Vice President, Nokia. "We believe that the full-featured, well-designed Nokia N81 8GB will be very popular and will help bring Nokia's Internet and music services to life."

Nokia N81 8GB - 3G and WLAN
With dedicated music and gaming keys, 3.5 mm headphone connector and 3G and WLAN connectivity, the Nokia N81 8GB multimedia computer is a true mobile entertainment powerhouse. With a sleek, polished surface and keys that light up when you activate them, accessing content on the 3D multimedia menu is fast and intuitive.

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