iPhone Game of the Day

If Real Soccer 2010 just isn’t cutting the mustard for you, FIFA 10 for iPhone might be your answer. In the latest edition of the soccer game from EA, you can play as one of 570 teams in 30 leagues from around the world…. 12,620 players have also been licensed for inclusion in the game, and you can try your best to take down one of 20 tournaments and cup competitions.

Game controls are actually quite easy and intuitive. You can even control the ‘tempo’ of the game with the accelerometer. Game play is viewed from 6 different camera views, each in full 3D.

Of course, there’s a cool WiFi Multiplayer Mode built-in as well that allows for head-to-head matches for you and your friends. There’s also a ‘Be a Pro’ Mode that lets you create your own star, and track play through multiple seasons. Earn skills, score goals, and advance your career!

The only downside to the FIFA 10 is the price. Unfortunately it clocks in at an expensive $9.99. However, any soccer die-hard will probably want to pick it up, especially if they own other FIFA games for other platforms or consoles.

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