Nokia 6300 Black

The Nokia 6300 is a mid-range model that represents an evolution of the modern monoblock design. Less than 13.1mm thin, the slim Nokia 6300 has a stainless steel frame that adds both design interest and strength. In addition to its organic curves and appealing design, the Nokia 6300 offers a robust range of easy-to-use features.

Two different flavours of Nokia 6300 cell phone are spotted on some China phone retails. They are red-silver and white-silver (the original N6300 comes with silver-black-colored casing). The phone itself, at less than 13.1mm thin, features an integrated 2 megapixel camera module with zoom function, built-in MP3 player, FM radio tuner, a 2-inch QVGA display, and memory expansion slot.

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