Nokia N82 Hello

Hello Nokia N82. You will have seen from previous posts below, I was at the launch of the N82 in Finland this week. Along with Stefan, from Intomobile, Devin from TheNokiaGuide, Pseudofinn from NokiaUsers, Mark from TheNokiaBlog and the guys from Womworld, we were able to see the virtual launch from inside Nokia house. A once in a lifetime experience, not only did we lucky few get to be inside Nokia house whilst the launch happened, we also got to question the N82 product manager and get our hands on the handset there and then to put it to the test. When you have a bunch of guys together, who know their phones, and are big fans of Nokia and NSeries products, you need to be confident your product is going to be good enough. With all due respect to our hosts and all, if the N82 failed to hit the mark, we would have let them know, how and why. As it turned out the N82 team have a handset they can be proud of, and all of us found it hard to let go of our phones for the rest of the day. Straight away we were installing apps, taking pictures, making calls, browsing the net, testing the features, giving the handset a real going over. The overall impression of the phone was very good, and you could see the delight we all had when our hosts kindly allowed us to take the handset away with us to really put the N82 to the test, in every day usage.

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