Nokia N Series Music Range

If there's one thing that's certain, the current 'big thing' in mobile technology convergence is adding a decent music player to a mobile phone. People wondered what the next steps for mobile phones would be. We got cameras. The networks wanted to cash in on MMS, but that never really took off. But taking pictures on a mobile phone? That's pretty much a normal thing these days.
The trend for improving cameras in phones continues. And now the target is digital music. Nokia will point out that all their recent phones were music capable. From the 6230i onwards, a decent music player has been avaialble. The new N Series music phones focus on the music capabilities.

First, the New N91 music.

The first N91 offered an integrated 4GB hard drive. The new N91 music has dispensed with this. And replaced it with an amazing 8GB hard drive, offering capacity for up to 6,000 songs.

The N91 music offers dedicated music keys, synchronisation with Windows media player& bluetooth connectivity support.

N73 Music

With memory cards of up to 2GB available, the N73 has capacity for up to 1,000 songs. The N73 music has integrated stereo speakers, and synchronises seamlessly with windows media player. With support for MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ & WMA you can choose how you take your music with you.

N70 Music

Finally, in the 'new' N Series music range is the N70. The N70 uses the DV RS-MMC memory card format. This offers capacity of up to 1GB. The N70 is not a new handset, but has been given the same colour change as the previous two handsets (all now available in a rather cool looking black)

Not much excitement on the N Series music phones. Sure, the N91 with an 8GB hard drive is a nice touch, and seeing the N73 in black looks good, but the N70? Good phone no doubt but I would have hoped for a bit more than recycling an old handset.

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