Nokia Focuses on Software to Lure U.S. Buyers

Nokia Corp. is the near king of the world — except in the U.S. — when it comes to smartphone and mobile device shipments. Now, the Espoo, Finland-based company is in the midst of a long-term push to rectify its problems in this country. For instance, Nokia is trying to sell more mobile phones and smartphones through U.S. carriers and is seeking ways to make its Symbian operating system software more friendly to American users, said Ira Frimere, product portfolio manager for Nokia North America. And Monday, Nokia introduced a new smartphone called Surge, the first time the traditional manufacturer has shipped a model without a number in its name, which analysts see as a subtle move by the engineering-focused Scandinavian firm to start using American marketing techniques. The Surge slider device, jointly developed with AT&T, includes a physical QWERTY keyboard, noted Frimere Read More

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