Sprint HTC Touch Pro2

Sprint has gone official with the HTC Touch Pro2’s CDMA variant, announcing that the Pro2 will be available September 8th for $349.99. In a little over a week from now, Sprint will be offering its customers the chance to own one of this year’s baddest enterprise-oriented smartphones. The Pro2 features a class-leading 3.6-inch WVGA touchscreen, 3.2-megapixel auto-focus camera, slide-and-tilt QWERTY keyboard, GPS, and WiFi – basically everything you’ll need to run your business from the road. And, with the TouchFLO 3D UI replacing most vestiges of Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, the Touch Pro2 makes for a surprisingly touch-friendly smartphone.

In our heads-up review of the N97 and the Pro2, the HTC Touch Pro2 edged out the Nokia (NYSE: NOK) N97 as the best business-class smartphone on the planet. It’s no small feat, besting Espoo’s high-end wares, and the Pro2 did in style. Despite its more hefty proportions, the Pro2 is sleek enough avoid being called a “brick.” You’ll need the $449.99 entry fee and a new 2-year contract in order to score a Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 for $349.99 (there’s a $100 mail-in rebate involved) come next Tuesday. Start digging through the couch for spare change!

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