Nokia N95

It has been a busy week for Nokia N Series phones. Two new models announced, and three existing models given a bit of a spruce up.

First, the Nokia N95. Pictures of this handset were around on the net a few months ago, and the handset was rumoured to be the N83. Now official, the handset shows an impressive list of features.

The N95 really does live up to Nokia's billing for the phones, Multimedia computer. The N95 incorporates a 5 megapixel camera, has integrated GPS and supports the 3G high speed data upgrade, HSDPA. Don't get lost on the acronyms, all you need to know is 3G, with a bit of a turbo boost.

The N95 takes it's multimedia tag seriously. Take photos, view photos. Record and view videos. Listen to songs. Watch music videos. Play films. Play games. Browse the internet.

The N95 sports an innovative 2 way sliding mechanism. Open the handset in the normal way, and you will see a standard phone keypad. Slide in the opposite direction and you get access to the multimedia keypad, for controlling music and video playback.

With cameras, people are learning, megapixel isn't everything. A poor lens is as culpable for producing poor pictures as a low megapixel count. The N95 has no problems here, coming equipped with a Carl Zeiss lens. Capture print quality photos and near DVD quality videos. The photos and videos can easily be viewed on a compatible TV thanks to the N95 supporting UPnP.

Connection wise the N95, as well as being 3G & HSDPA compatible, also has Quadband, EDGE and W-LAN connectivity. The 2.4" QVGA screen offers 16 million colours, the handset has stereo speakers & a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. The N95 has the new Nokia web browser built in, and offers a widescreen option for web browsing.

There is so much the N95 offers, it truly is a multimedia phone. It's expected the N95 will ship in Q1 2007 with a price of around €550

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