Nokia N96

Nokia have a habit of making the next best thing, and it's usually the NSeries handsets that catch the interest. This time the phone we are all waiting for is the Nokia N96. The N96 takes mobile communications to a new level and offers some amazing features, including:
    16GB Internal Memory Capacity
    Expandable Memory
    DVB-H TV Broadcast Receiver
    Music Player with multiple format support
    TV OUT Feature
    Built in GPS feature
    5.0 Megapixel Camera

The Nokia N96 is due to be released imminently in the UK, and it is available to Pre Order with, one of the leading online retailers of mobile handsets in the UK. Mobiles are offering the Nokia N96 for FREE, on either O2 600 at £35 a month, or O2 1200 at £45 a month. On O2 12000, the offer includes 8 months half price line rental!

To Pre Order the Nokia N96 click here

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