Nokia N76, N8oo, N93i

At only 13.7mm thin the N76 offers a super slim multimedia computer for your pocket. The Spec is quite standard for an N-Series phone these days, 2GB expandable memory, 2.0 megapixel camera, Tri band GSM and 3G conenctivity, Bluetooth, etc. It odes look very good, possibly the nicest S60 flip from

The N800 is a Linux handheld style tablet PC. With no built in telephony the N800 is slightly away from Nokia's core product line. It does look to be an interesting product. It has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can connect to the net via WiFi connection or Bluetooth to your mobile handset. You can use the N800 to send/receive email, communicate via IM, and use the built in webcam for video calls.

The N93i offers pretty much all you can get from the N93 but in a slimmer, shinier, silver shell. If there is one thing non enthusiasts always mention about the N93, it's the size. Now, hopefully the N93i will address that issue for those people and take the N93i to a more mainstream audience.

With CES happening it was almost a certainty we would have some new phones to see from Nokia. And Nokia didn't disappoint. The N93i has been confirmed, there is the N800 and also the N76. Pics and detail below:

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