Nokia N70 Black

Taken from Slashphone It needs to be said, the black N70 looks really good. The N70 is one of the best handsets I've owned, I just never got on with the camera cover.

(actual pix are below)
  • keypads in good condition
  • slide camera shutter still functional (not like others that is not.)
  • unopened (hindi pa nasisira or natatanggalan ng front casing)
  • open-line
  • 1 y/o (pero naka stock sya ng 4 months kaya 8 months lng sya nagamit)
  • bought the unit from

  • w/ box
  • CD(Manual)
  • CD(package CD)
    -PC suite
    -Adobe Photoshop- starter ed.
  • Headset (unused)
    -ear foam
  • 128MB MMC
    -still with adaptor
    -MMC reader (bought separately from CD-r king)
  • 1 extra battery (unused)
    - x2 original nokia batteries.
    - unused/ unscratched serial number
    (ung gamit ko nagaun is from my broken 6600 kya unused ung original battery)
  • USB cable
  • charger
  • Registration card
  • Casing
    -still with original casing which is 'silver' (pero full of scratches n)
    -ill buy a new one for it just tell me what color...

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